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Carlsbad Caverns

There are two major truisms:


Buyers always "buy" the future of a company, but "pay" for the past.


The Buyer will ultimately determine the final price for the Company, the Seller can only agree.

The final price reflects the Buyer's perceived future economic performance of the Company being acquired.


It is the Buyer's responsibility to buy as low as possible, but be prepared to pay maximum price consistent with his economic predictions.


You, as Seller, strengthen your position by presenting a strong Company image with perceived minimum risk, and maximum return. The more successful we are doing this, the higher the selling price for you.

There are two main components valuing a business:


Tangible Assets - obtained from the balance sheet; your assets adjusted to current value, less liabilities provide net adjusted value.


Intangible Assets - obtained from the income statement; your net income before taxes adjusted to determine cash flow available to the Buyer. This amount is also referred to as goodwill.

Therefore, the selling price is composed of two values: tangible and intangible assets; however, Business Centre adds a third value by uncovering Phantom Assets and exploring your business with a unique Internal Audit, and using our Six M and SWOT analysis.

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